Grant no: NOR/POLNOR/SafeFoodCtrl/0034/2019

Total cost of the project: 6 908 950 PLN

Founding: 6 563 860 PLN

Project duration: 01.01.2021 – 01.01.2024

Sustainability has become a main challenge of global food industry, which is undergoing transformation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate change and protect landscapes and nature. Technological innovation is vital in helping the food supply chain adapt to the sustainability challenge, from farm level right through to the consumer.

One of such challenges is sustainable infection prevention and preservation of food, especially due to many pathogenic antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains transmitted in the food chain.  The aim of this project is to develop a new strategy based on enzybiotics (antimicrobial enzymes) which specifically target pathogenic bacteria leaving natural microflora untouched.

Co-finaced by the state budget

Applied research: “Sustainable and safe food production through new strategies for bacterial control in the food chain”.

Co-financing: 984 579 PLN

Total investment: 6 908 950 PLN