News from the Polish Society of Microbiologists

On 23 February 2024, a scientific session of the Polish Society for Microbiology Field Branch in Warsaw was held, during which Dr Elżbieta Jagielska from the Protein Engineering Laboratory of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) in Warsaw talked about enzybiotics as an alternative method of combating bacteria in fish farming and the food industry. During her presentation, Dr Jagielska reviewed the latest research on enzybiotics, highlighting their effectiveness in eliminating pathogenic bacteria while minimising the risk of antibiotic resistance. She also discussed the potential benefits of using enzybiotics in the food industry, including improving food quality and safety. Dr Jagielska’s presentation was met with lively interest from the session participants, who actively participated in the discussion, asking questions and expressing their views on the prospects for the use of enzybiotics in microbiological practice.