Zebrafish model implemented in our laboratory

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a small fish from the carp family, which was bred by many aquarists who started their adventure with fish. Ease of maintenance, small body size, over 70% genetic similarity, and mutations, causing similar changes as in humans, made zebrafish interesting also for scientists conducting research, especially in the field of biomedicine, developmental, behavioural, as well as environmental and toxicological biology.

In the SafeFoodCtrl project, thanks to danios, we will determine the safety and effectiveness of the enzymes being developed. Toxicity will be determined by OECD method (Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test no. 236), where mortality and teratogenicity are determined for 96 hours, during which zebrafish embryos are incubated in an aqueous solution containing tested substance. The safety of enzymes will also be checked after their intravenous administration to 2-day-old zebrafish embryos. However, to evaluate the effectiveness and specificity of enzyme activity, the potential of the zebrafish model will be used to develop bacterial infection and its further control.